Real Estate Consultation

If you are looking for a Real Estate property in our location of expertise we provide services to channel you to the right source along with the best legal methodologies. Acting as eyes on the ground we support the  Client’s fact-finding with thorough, unbiased property reporting using trusted and time-tested Best Practices and Procedures.

We can assist you in Mortgage Source, Market  Valuation & Research, Creative Financing Ideas, Searching for property for Sale Searching
Foreclosures, Assisting in Negotiating, Property Management, Tax Liens and Deeds.


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Real Estate Legalities and Litigation Services

We have represented clients in virtually every type of real estate litigation. That includes representing lenders in foreclosures, both judicial and nonjudicial, and helping clients analyze the risks and advantages of bankruptcy. We have obtained title to real property securing construction and land loans by foreclosures and deed-in-lieu agreements.

In addition, our litigation services include disputes involving rescission, specific performance of earnest money agreements, partnership disputes, adverse possession claims, unlawful detainer proceedings, condemnation, partition, and workouts.

Often, our clients are major contractors and engineering firms. We also represent construction managers. When you need excellent legal services for a real estate or construction litigation matter, consider drawing on the experience and expertise of Reliable Developers.

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Consultation for Plan Passing

We begin by helping our clients define their overall objectives and then find a tax-efficient way to achieve those objectives. Our implementation of estate planning, which reflects family and tax objectives, requires firsthand experience with estate and gift tax laws and the ability to draft concise legal documents. Of course, all aspects of our representation are held strictly confidential.

Private Client Services includes attorneys and paralegals who provide estate planning services to clients in all our offices. Additionally, we often draw upon the broad range of experience of other attorneys in the firm for the benefit of our clients.  We believe a coordinated effort between advisors provides the most efficient and effective solutions to client needs.

We frequently meet with investment planners, accountants and other advisors on behalf of our clients. We are well connected with the local legal town planning houses and corporate societies in our locality.

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